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Nothing is closer to the heart of God than loving, helping and serving children in need
— Scott Burks

Children matter to God!

The Future

We’ve been serving children in Haiti, Guatemala, Cuba and Wales for many years and we see the future only getting brighter as we dream and pray about what God is asking us to do. We’re hoping to do so much more!

Involvement- We need you!

We need people who are willing to come alongside our team and serve. We need people who will help us spread the word about what we’re doing … we need people to help us financially do more.


A little goes a long way

We are currently seeking to raise $1,000 a month in order to support a country team. For example, in Haiti $1000 will supply the needs for 4 men and provide real jobs serving real families. $1000 feeds 8 people for a month in Haiti!

Join the team

We are currently looking for like-minded followers of Jesus who will make a 3 year commitment to join the Be.Love. movement. If you are interested in joining in, email and he will help you know where to start.

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Every year we deliver Christmas gifts to the children in and around Caphatian and Ft. Liberte. This year we are raining money for 70 children and we need your help!

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